German Satellite Falling to Earth

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A German-owned satellites that are no longer functioning atmosphere reported to have started entering the Earth and part of the body the satellite will fall to earth.

German Satellite Falling to Earth Satellite parts that fall to Earth is estimated to have weighed up to two tons more. Until now there is no definite estimate of the remaining bodies in the region where the satellite will fall. German-owned satellite called ROSAT satellite which was formerly used for research and science facilities.

ROSAT was launched in 1990 and serves over eight and a half years to do the mapping of X-ray radiation sources in outer space. In 1999 the satellite was completely stopped operating.

German Satellite Falling to Earth

Since then officers controllers on Earth can no longer control the satellites and only able to detect its presence through the radar. Office of the German Space Agency said one of the largest part of satellite it will fall to the earth is heat-resistant mirror telescope.


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