BMW Three Series, Presents Four Variants Machine

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BMW finally officially show their latest Series 3 figures are very clearly influenced by the design of the Series 5, especially when attention to the stern. While at the front, 3 new Sero has inspired headlights of Series 1.

With the presence of a vehicle that carries a line of this new look, making the figure of the previous 3 Series becomes apparent bland. Compact sedan in the BMW family is also more spacious than the previous generation, but has a lighter weight which means more comfortable driving.

BMW 3 Series that claimed more fuel efficient it will be launched with a choice of two petrol engines and two diesel engines EfficientDynamics. And the plan will also be launching BMW 3 Series and hybrid engined four-wheel drive system-drive.

Vehicles which will be called as ActiveHybrid 3 will use the same engine as ActiveHybrid 5 recently introduced. ActiveHybrid 3 will use the engine 6-cylinder-powered 335i's 306 hp mated to a 40 kW electric motor.


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