Google X Phone confirmed, is called Moto X

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Google X Phone confirmed, is called Moto X – Motorola confirms the Moto X, the flagship smartphone hitherto known as Google X Phone: arrive by October and promises genuine innovation.

The rumored Google Phone X really exists: Moto X will be called, will be available by October 2013 and will be produced in Fort Worth (Texas), in the same system previously used by Nokia for the construction of their devices. This was confirmed by Motorola through a press release publicly shared at this time.

We learn that the Moto X will be the first smartphone “designed, engineered and assembled in the USA.” The plant will be used Texan two thousand people and Motorola explains that “we will continue to have a global operational network and this will not change. The global manufacturing partner Flextronics remains and will continue to assemble products locally in China and Brazil. “

Google X Phone confirmed, is called Moto X

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