iPad Mini: Objective Ebook and Digital Publishing

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With the launch of the original iPad Steve Jobs was hoping to revolutionize the publishing industry, expectations that still seems distant, as shown by app - such as The Daily - generate sull'hype of the envisaged revolution have missed the target, who are scaling down ambitions and expectations. In other cases, Apple has had to yield to the demands of publishers, giving them more than they would have liked. Worse things are going with regard to the world of books. Apple has gathered here listening from the publishers, but the defeat of Amazon is still very far away. Despite the offer of iBookstore and the typical characteristics of an ebook reader built into the iPad, the tablet as a reading device can not compete with a Kindle or even a Kindle Fire, not only for the huge difference in price, but also for physical characteristics of the tablet. iPad is too bulky and most importantly it is very uncomfortable and heavy for extended reading sessions.

via iPad Mini: Objective Ebook and Digital Publishing

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