Canada Has Committed More Money to Fight Polio

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Commonwealth leaders pledged Saturday to intensify their efforts to eradicate the crippling disease polio to save the children.

Canada Has Committed More Money To Fight Polio - As part of this commitment, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Canada will increase its anti-polio drive – adding $ 15 million in two years $ 348 million that the country of issue of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative since 2000.

The leaders chose to emphasize the theme of the second day of their biennial meeting. Four of them – Harper, Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the leaders of Nigeria and Pakistan, held a joint press conference with the promise of a renewed commitment to eradicate polio.

Australia has pledged an additional $ 50 million in four years, Gillard said that countries are at a critical crossroads in their decades-old efforts to rid the world of the crippling disease, which can also be fatal.

“We’re in range to declare the end of polio in the world,” she said.


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