The Real Jurrasic Park is Komodo

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The warning was delivered many times: "Keep your distance, keep silent, and secure your luggage," whispered Ande Kefi, Komodo National Park officials, the group of tourists who followed him.

Takes a long forked stick, Kefi and other officers guiding the tourists who want to see directly Komodo, dubbed 'the last dinosaurs on Earth'.

For Kefi and his colleagues, sticks they carry are the 'weapons' - the function to suppress certain sensitive points in the body of dragons - for the giant lizard remained in a safe distance.
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To see the dragons tail 2500 is estimated to live in their natural habitat, the tourists have come to the island of Komodo and Rinca Island. The tourists across the rough grass savannas and tropical. Remind them of Jurassic Park - the amusement park that evoke the species of dinosaurs, which ended tragically, in a novel by Michael Crichton.

In Komodo National Park, visitors will encounter the modern dinosaur species in the wild.

Data Ministry of Tourism said, about 45,000 tourists visit the Komodo National Park in 2010. This amount is expected to increase with the increasing popularity of the dragon that is currently fighting in the arena of new seven wonders of the world or New7Wonders.

Although the pot will generate money from ticket and souvenir sales, the increasing number of tourists who visit feared making Komodo fragile ecosystems. Rare animal it could be stress.

In October 2010, officers discovered 13 broken eggs in a nest of dragons. Not yet known why, maybe because of too much rain or the incubation process is not perfect.

Currently, monitoring is done by holding Komodo San Diego Zoo, the United States. Each of these giant lizards have a label weight and size, to monitor the population.

Although not setragis scenes film made by Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park, Komodo is a dangerous animal. The officers know, 'Si Komo' is intelligent and very dangerous animal. He could grow up to 3 meters long and weigh up to 90 pounds. They may look docile, but that's how they fool potential victims.

Komodo can smell prey mencim 9 kilometers far. He can move quickly when the prey. Their little teeth can tear the flesh and gnawing bones. However, the most dangerous is a deadly poison.

On May 25, 2010, a Komodo dragon attacked the national park officer, Augustine Jenaru (20) who was having lunch. Allegedly the smell of food lunches that attract the attention of Komodo.

Fortunately Augustine survived, although dragons that attacked him from behind had a chance to bite his left arm. Three months earlier, the Komodo dragon attacked Marselinus Subanghadir, employees of PT. Putera Naga Komodo until seriously wounded. Marselinus became targets of angry dragon because prey escaped monkey.

In 2008, the Komodo attacked two boys who while playing in the yard. One of them died. The giant lizard, attack humans when in a state of hunger or because their habitat disturbed.

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