A new year and a fresh start

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Lose two stone and the wobbly bit around my middle. Get fit and maybe even run a marathon (how you would laugh at that one if you knew me better). Learn to speak Spanish. Save more or make more (preferably both). Spring-clean my cupboards, house, finances and… life in general. Be a better wife, mother, daughter, relative and friend. Re-write my will and review my pension. Put my photos in albums (not done since I was 19). Take up ironing, read better books, play more golf and visit art galleries. Be more organised (especially with my filing) and become a much more patient, kind, lovely and charitable person.

All of the above have appeared on my New Year’s resolution lists at some time or other. Some, I admit, appear year after year. Most are broken by day three and discarded by day seven.

I’m not the only one. Researchers reckon that fewer than a quarter of us will keep our resolutions, which makes me wonder why we bother? I believe it has something to do with the optimism of a fresh start. It is the chance to change, to improve and to become the best possible version of ourselves. Midnight on New Year’s Eve is like a line drawn in the sand: we leave behind any mistakes and failings from the past and we step into the future, with all its limitless potential.

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